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The class of 1983 graduated on June 5, 1983 from Glenbrook North High School in Northbrook, Illinois. We have hosted five reunions since we graduated. Details for previous reunions including attendees and pictures can be found below. Our 45th reunion will be held in the Fall of 2028, check out 45th Reunion for all the details.



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October 7, 2023

Chicago Curling Club - Northbrook

Celeste Moresco, Chuck Calamari, Mike Rane, Katy Adler, Susan Bleser, Lynn Caldwell, Howard Katzenstein, Tracy Moag, Sid Balachandran, Mike Bleser, Ross Landman, Greg Alm, Max Moran, John Fernitz, Laura Lee Larson, Jeff Miller, Linda Murbach, and Mike Van Treeck


October 20, 2018

Wilmette Golf Club - Wilmette

Katy (Sullivan) Adler, Greg Alm, Lynn Caldwell, John Fernitz, Laura Lee Larson, Max Moran, Linda (Geras) Murbach, Steve Prebish, and Mike Van Treeck


September 28, 2013

The Landmark Inn - Northbrook

Tracy (Anetsberger) Doar, Mike Callans, John Fernitz, Laurie (Mason) Landman, Ross Landman, Susan (Marshall) Bleser, Sandy (Lynn) von Holst


November 29, 2003

Renaissance Hotel - Northbrook

John Fernitz, Susan (Marshall) Bleser, Mike Bleser

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August 21, 1993

Hyatt Hotel - Deerfield

Michael Clark, Michelle (Montgomery) Giczewski, Cindy (Watson) Rossiter

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