Grade School Class Pictures

We have collected the grade school class pictures for the years 1971 (kindergarten) through 1979 (8th grade). With the help of your classmates we have been able to identify most of the students and teachers in these photos. You will need a user id and password to access the class photo section of the site.

The pictures on this website are sized to load quickly on your browser. If you would like the full size, original scans (600dpi) please let us know.

District 28 Schools

Greenbriar (7 photos)

    Greenbriar School Class Picture

Crestwood (2 photos)

    Greenbriar School Class Picture

Meadowbrook (18 photos)

    Meadowbrook Class Picture

Oaklane (7 photos)

    Oaklane Class Picture

Westmoor (2 photos)

    Westmoor Class Picture

Northbrook Jr High (2 photos)

    Northbrook Junior High Class Picture

District 27 Schools

Grove (0 photos)

    Grove Class Picture

Shabonee Jr High (Yearbook)

    Shabonee Class Picture

Hickory Point (13 photos)

    Hickory Point Class Picture

Wood Oaks Jr High (8 Photos, DC Trip, & Yearbook)

    Wood Oaks Class Picture

Indian Ridge (8 photos)

    Indian Ridge Class Picture

District 30 Schools

Wescott (6 photos)

    Wescott Class Picture

Willowbrook (2 photos)

    Willowbrook Class Picture

Maple Jr High (5 photos)

    Maple Junior High Class Picture

District 31 Schools

Winkelman (5 photos)

    Winkelman Class Picture

Stanley Field (5 photos)

    Stanley Field Class Picture

Field Jr High (2 photos)

    Field Junior High Class Picture

Other Northbrook Elementary Schools

St Norbert (0 photos)

    St Norbert Class Picture

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